‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the office,
Mice were a clicking, online shopping quite wondrous.
But more was to be done, to close out the year,
Much money was left, to spend on new gear.

For while budgets for next year were causing torment,
Money from this years was as yet unspent.
Such failure to do so would reflect your poor planning,
And cuts for next year would result to planned spending.

So what can you do when this problem unveils?
Why call your sales person, and see what’s on sale.
Just remember whatever you should decide to buy,
It must be ready to ship, and by New Years arrive.

A few moments later, you call your loading dock,
They’ll be working New Years, this should come as no shock.
While they moan, and gripe, call their families to complain,
You sit back satisfied, things will work out again.

With Santa on his way, you relax where you sit,
But in the back of your mind something festers just a bit
Will it arrive in time, to count in this years budget?
Or will you have to call finance and explain your failed gambit?

But good fortune then smiles, as Santa sackful,
Arrives with new toys, your loading dock jammed full.
This new years you’re able to celebrate with a toast,
For all is good news for you and the finance folks.

Back to work on Monday, you unwrap your new toys,
Inspecting for damage before its eventual deploys.
Now what had you been planning to do with this stuff,
You think to yourself, while wondering if it’ll be enough.

No matter you think, it’s time to install,
We’ll figure it out as we go along.
Your budget was spent just as you had forecasted,
There’s no reason to worry about being lambasted.

So you call in the vendors you bought the stuff from,
And schedule install meetings while appearing aplomb.
Unboxed, racked and cabled, with precision and reason,
Ready to use, oh wait – it’s RRSP season!

Lots of time you think, now we can do this properly,
Instead of rushing things along, you can plan it precisely.
Four months to play, in dev/test and QA,
Before rolling it into production, some time in May.

So with last years budget spent, your new toys nicely racked,
This years budget can be planned, before you get sidetracked.
Strategically planned, to ensure optimal spending,
Hopefully approved before Q3 quarter ending.

So what have we learned from this recurring experience,
Have you acquired shelfware without good prudence?
Did you spend last years budget, good advice well heeded,
Did you get the best deal on what you really needed?

Scalar can help break this cycle of insanity,
And make use of that stuff you acquired so hastily.
Accelerate your ROI, TCO – pick your acronym of choice,
Give us a call, we can help – before you get your next invoice!