When you read most of the travel books and websites, they all say that since you’ll be jet-lagged and not able to sleep in (for those of us coming from the west at least), you should head down to the Tsukiji fish market and attend the tuna auction.  In my last two trips that included Tokyo, I didn’t take the opportunity – this time, I figured I should.  Getting up early enough to get to the fish market by 4:15am (which seemed reasonable at the time) meant no transportation would be running.  As I was only spending one night in Tokyo anyway, I decided to pick a hotel near the market and I’d just walk there.

After arriving at the hotel and grabbing a cat nap, it was dinner time, and since I was near the market I figured I’d head out and scout the place out a bit.  Surprisingly, there were several restaurants open which I had not expected, but took did take advantage of – why wait until morning for sashimi when you can have it the night you arrive?  It’s not like it isn’t fresh!

The next morning I was up and out of the hotel by 4am, at the market not ten minutes later.  The area where you (apparently) were supposed to line up to get access to the tuna auction had a sign that said all spots were taken for that day.  There wasn’t a soul in site, so I don’t know if that was true or not, but clearly I wasn’t getting in to see the auction, which starts at 5:35am.  Instead, I decided to wander around the middlemen stalls and edge as close as I could to the wholesale and auction areas.  The pictures I took show a wide variety of sea creatures in various stages of preparation for sale and eventual consumption.

This post is a few days after my arrival in Japan, which as we all know experienced an earthquake on March 11th (the day I visited the fish market).  I will be posting photography blogs for the last several days in an effort to catch up.