After getting myself situated in a hotel on Saturday afternoon, I was happy to finally get a good nights sleep.  I hadn’t planned on staying in Tokyo so early in my trip, and having been here a couple of times already I wasn’t all that interested in visiting the same spots again.  Sundays in Tokyo are typically good for spending time in Yoyogi Park and Harajuku, so I figured I’d head over there by way of Shibuya and grab some lunch while I was at it.

Noodle Shop in Shibuya

Trying to decide what to order

Shibuya wasn’t as busy as normal, although there was a crowd a Harajuku down the main street at least.  Walking over to Yoyogi Park revealed little in the way of cos-players, what the bridge is known for – in fact, I didn’t see anyone at all.  This gang of dancers is apparently well known, although I’ve never seen them before myself.

The park itself was visited by a number of people, many planing instruments,  practising play reading or martial arts, or just lazing around.  Probably not as busy as normal, but I’m not really sure.  What I did see was that the cherry blossoms appear to be starting a bit early plum blossoms were still on a few of the trees, so I captured what I could.

A family day in Yoyogi Park under the Plum Blossoms

Early Cherry Late Plum Blossom in Yoyogi Park

I headed on over to Akihabara to see if anything was happening there – apparently they’ve started closing the streets to vehicles again, after an incident a couple of years ago, creating a large pedestrian walkway on the streets that is popular.  I only found out later that such activities had been cancelled because of the earthquake and its effect on transportation.  Another Sunday, another trip, I guess.