The next couple of days I spent wandering around Tokyo to some familar haunts, seeing some of the minor things I missed and generally just looking for some photo opportunities.  This selection of photos is from around Ginza in the early to late evening.  Photography was to be a large part of this trip, so I brought my tripod to ensure I could get some decent night shots which while a bit of pain to lug around is certainly the only way to do so.

While I may have looked a little conspicuous, safety in Japan is not generally a hugh concern – so running around with a tripod and camera in the back streets of Tokyo seemed perfectly natural and no one bothered me.  Don’t try that at home, kids.

Tokyo uses every bit of space available for cramming in all kinds of shops – under and around the railway tracks is a very typical place to find some of the most interest restaurants, and Ginza is no exception.

These photos are also an attempt to play around with Photoshop HDRPro, a new feature in CS5 that appears to work quite well.  This is my “photorealistic” version of the shots, in attempt to make it look realistic, not manufactured.

This bike was still there the next day around noon - no lock. In Canada, it'd be long gone by then.

Hope you enjoyed!