A few kilometres from town is Godaisan, which happens to include a lookout over the city from a few hundred metres up, Chikurin-ji, Temple 31 of the 88 along the pilgramage, and the Kōchi Prefectural Makino Botanical Gardens.  I decided to spend the afternoon wandering around this area, and took the bus up.

The lookout point had a restaurant and shop, of course, but from the 3F level you had good views out over the city.


Apparently this is a popular spot for getting engaged.

Leaving a lock is supposed to symbolize the relationship lasting forever.  So…. who gets the key?  😉  And, what exactly does a combination lock signify?

Wandering through the temple grounds, I took in the five storey pagoda and Jizō.

The Botanical Gardens ended up chewing up a lot of memory card space.  A lot to see and take in, both inside and outside.  Cherry Blossoms were not yet in season, so most of these are of flowers.

I headed into town on the last bus, and decided to grab some dinner before heading back to the hotel.  Time to pack…