Today was a busy day.  It started out at Ikuta Jinjya, which happens to be behind the hotel in downtown Kobe, and on my way to the Sannomiya train station I decided to have a look.

The shrine happened to include a large pond and some flowers nearby as well.  Overall, it was rather well kept for a shrine in the middle of the downtown core of a major metropolitan city – one that even had security at night! a first for me, anyways.

I was off to see some cherry blossoms today, and after a bit of research on the internet had located a spot that was rated one of the top 100 in all of Japan – Shukugawa Park, in Nishinomiya, just east of Kobe.  The blossoms were not quite full yet, but were quite impressive nonetheless.

The cherry trees line a canal for a few kilometres, and there were many people out enjoying them considering it was a weekday.

The food-stall vendors were also busy serving up an assortment of afternoon snacks.

A few more shots of the cherry trees over the water, and some people enjoying themselves in the sun.

That evening I found myself in Harborland, taking some photos at night with longer exposures.  Harborloand is a popular spot for tourists, but on this evening there wasn’t a lot going on.  Made for some nice pictures, though.