Today was mostly a lazy day – got up late, wandered around the shopping district in Kobe near the main downtown train station, and tried to find a Bic Camera store.  Never did find one, but I did find an electronics store in the  Sannomiya Center Gai.  Why was I looking for an electronics store, you might ask?  Well, I needed a screen protector for my (now broken) iPhone 4.  Yes, in four trips to Japan I have in some way ruined 3 iPhones.  Must be a record.  Anyways, I found a screen protector and case that at least prevent me from getting glass splinters when using it (no problems using it, thankfully).  It only fell off the bed about 1.5f (onto a ceramic floor tile, if we’re being completely honest).  Rather annoying.

After passing by, but not entering, China Town, I headed back to the hotel to change lenses an get ready for the evening.  Tonight I was headed to Oji Zoo for some cherry blossom viewing at night.  The lights were shinning up on the trees, lighting up the blossoms giving a completely different effect than that during the day.  The route was shortened this year, probably to conserve electricity given the growing crisis in Fukushima and rotating blackouts around Tokyo.

Tomorrow I would be off to Inuyama, near Nagoya, for a couple of days of sightseeing.