With the rain finished and the sun shining bright, I packed up my things and dropped them off at the front desk of the Ryokan (旅館) before heading out to see what Inuyama was known for – the castle (-jō).  The blossoms were out and at their peak as I headed across the bridge towards the castle, along the sakura covered pathway.

Inuyama-jō originated from a fort in 1440, and is Japan’s oldest intact castle, with great views.  The Inuyama Matsuri (festival) took place last weekend, but events were still taking place and the way up to the castle was packed with people.  I’m sure the sun played a part in getting everyone out.



As with most Matsuri, the street vendors were out in force, and business was booming.

I walked back through town mid-afternoon, looking for something to eat, of course forgetting that pretty much all restaurants close at 3pm and don’t open up again until after 5pm.  I grabbed some junkfood from the local combini near the station and walked to the sakura covered street next to a canal, found a bench and ate.  And took some photos while I was at it.

Late afternoon, I headed back the way I had come along the water towards the bridge which would take me to the ryokan and my luggage – and finally, off to Kanzawa this evening on a four hour train ride.


I was fortunate to arrive in Inuyama at the height of Sakura Hanami, and the small town and well planted waterways made for some great pictures.