With today being the last day in Kanazawa, I decided to head to Ōmichō Market (近江町市場) for an early lunch, and enjoy the local speciality, donburi (seafood served over a bowl of rice).  The market wasn’t very busy today for some reason, with many of the shops closed, so while the weather wasn’t good earlier in the week I was glad I went and got the photos I did.

After lunch I headed out with a plan to look for some local pottery, but decided to take my time and stop along the way at Ōyama Jinja, and take some photos.


On the grounds of the shrine was a pond with some coy in it and a few benches, so I took a bit of a break.

While there, an older couple came through with a tour guide and when they decided to take a break I ended up chatting with them for a bit.  They were from england, and had decided to keep their travel plans rather than cancel and even with everything happening in Tokyo and Fukushima still not settled, were enjoying their vacation thoroughly.

I was headed out to the Teramachi District (寺町 next to explore the local pottery at the Kutani Kosen Gama Kiln.  It took a bit to find even with multiple maps, which might explain why I was the only visitor that day.  They gave me a tour and I was able to see a number of pieces in various stages of firing and painting.  I picked out a couple of items and then made my way back to the hotel to prepare for an early morning departure to Takayama the next day.