On the second day of the festival, I decided to avoid the crowds at the marionette show, and wander around town instead.  The sun was out and made for some nice photos of the canal before heading over to the Shunkei Kaikan (Lacquerware Exhibition Hall) (飛騨高山春慶会館).

One of the key differences of shunkei lacquerware compared to others in Japan was the grain that shows in the pieces, something I had seen in some items in the local stores.

After wandering around the exhibition hall, I headed back into town did a bit of shopping for some lacquerware bowls in the local style to add to the pottery I had collected thus far.  Afterwards I came across this interesting metal works shop, which had some really great pieces I couldn’t resist photographing.


Unfortunately, the larger pieces (tables, chairs) weren’t for sale, and the staff didn’t know where they were made.  But I could definitely see a use for the bar stools if I ever find them somewhere… 😉


Late in the day, it was getting a bit overcast.  I wandered around the float displays before they started putting them away (rain not being good for them, obviously) before finally heading back into the centre of town where the three floats participating in the marionette shows were, and the final events of the day were to take place.

It was getting late in the afternoon, and about that time to find a train to Nagoya, my next stop.  Without a ticket, I was looking at unreserved seats and was lucky to find a spot on the train before it filled up with people filing out of town after the festival had ended.  Busy indeed, but thankfully I wouldn’t have to change trains on my trip to Nagoya.  A very busy but good two days.