This morning I decided to head out mid-morning, and see if I could find one of the two Mandarake stores in Osaka.  Oddly, its location wasn’t with the rest of the manga in Den Den Town – rather, it was in the shopping district just north of the hotel called Amerika-Mura (historically where american goods were sold), and Shinsaibashi station.

Most of the shops were still closed – I gathered that some opened at 11am, but most opened at noon, so there wasn’t much to do except wander around.  In so doing, I came across several interesting shop fronts, including some creative graffiti I thought I’d capture and share.

I also came across one that almost blinded me:

Apparently this Pet Salon (store) was sponsored by Donkey Kong?

More interesting store fronts and graffiti:


The rest of the day was spent browsing the local Mandarake, Melon Books, and several other similar stores looking for anything interesting to fill up my already overflowing suitcases with.  Books are light, aren’t they?