While the Minami area seemed to be the place for manga, electronics, restaurants and nightlife, the Kita (Umeda) area near Osaka JR station seemed to be more the business centre by day, with a few shopping arcades and department stores mixed in.

I had done some research looking for second hand camera stores to look for some filters and lenses, hoping to find a couple lenses in good shop (at a good price).  Many of the well regarded ones appeared to be located near Osaka Station, rather than in Namba, so I decided to head up and wander about.

Luck would not be on my side – many of the shops that I had rough maps too weren’t where they were supposed to be, either having moved or been closed.  I was able to find a half dozen or so, however, and came close to finding something worth picking up on a couple of occasions.  But the price and selection just wasn’t up to par with Tokyo, and in the end I decided to keep my money to spend on other things.

Much of the streets near the station were lined with either office towers or street level businesses, the later being closed until early evening when the salary men would be done work.  In the middle of the ‘concrete jungle’ I stumbled upon a shrine and hung out for a bit before heading off to find the local Mandarake, located in a nearby shopping arcade.

The Mandarake proved difficult to find, and I ended up wandering far afield through some residential neighbourhoods before making my way back towards the station, and stumbled upon this ferris wheel which appeared to be smack dab in the middle of some downtown mid-rises.

I wonder what the view was like.  And I’m not sure what King Kong and his brother were doing above this hardware store, either.


I stumbled into the arcade after getting my bearings again, and finally located the (rather small) Mandarake.  There wasn’t much to do afterwards, and rather than stick around the area to see the sights, I headed back to Namba, dropped my stuff off, and ended the evening with some ramen for dinner.