With only two more days left in Osaka, I decided to stick around Namba and spend the day shopping.  And primarily that meant searching for manga in nearby Den Den Town.

Not yet able to read Kanji or comprehend a lot, “reading” isn’t exactly straightforward.  Rather than just pick up whatever “looked” good”, I figured I should first spend some time in the morning figuring out what was supposed to be good – make a list, essentially, one that included pictures of covers where possible to help with identification.

It also meant only buying manga that had furigana, allowing me to at least “read” the kanji.  Basically, furigana marks Kanji with its pronunciation, also making it easier to look up in dictionaries.   With this, I’d have at least a fighting chance to read the manga and hopefully pick up things with the effort.  Manga with no furigana didn’t get bought, no matter how good it might have looked – there will always be another trip and chance to purchase, when my japanese skills have improved sufficiently.

I spent the better part of the day wandering through stores looking at new and used manga and related items.  The concept of “will it fit in my luggage” had pretty much gone out the window – I would deal with that later.

That evening, I dropped my stuff off at the hotel and headed out looking for some dinner.  Nearing the end of my trip, and after sampling so much of the local food, I had pretty much settled on my favourites – yakiniku, ramen, and sashimi.  Tonight would be a healthy portion of ramen, done tonkotsu-miso style, at a popular spot along the main street paralleling Dōtombori-gawa.

I wandered around the street and shopping arcade after polishing off dinner, looking for something to point my camera at.


A few people were picking up dinner.  A sign over the opening to a bar piqued my interest enough to attempt a photo – no, I didn’t go in.

Heading back to the hotel, I wandered under the streets along Namba Walk which connected into the building my hotel was atop of.  Tomorrow was to be a busy day.