Not far (90 minutes) from Matsuyama is Uwajima, and rather than wander around Matsuyama I decided to take a day trip there instead.  Uwajima was described as a “charming rural town, famous for it’s graphic sex museum and attached Shintō shrine (Taga-jinja).  There’s also a traditional bull fighting arena (where the bulls fight each other), but that only happens a few times a year and this wasn’t one of them.

Uwajima was smaller and less charming than I had anticipated, but perhaps that was due to the time of year – a lot of businesses seemed to be in off-season mode, and there weren’t any tourists to speak of.

From the train station I headed towards Warei-jinja, which happened to be on the way to Taga-jinja and took my time.

Taga-jinja was down the road, and was my next stop.  The shrine and surrounding grounds were dedicated to fertility, and the associated imagery that produces was erected everywhere.

The museum itself was a solid three floors of everything you can imagine and much you can’t.  It was also jam packed full of everything but tourists.  In the time I spent there (no pictures allowed, I’m afraid), the only other people touring the museum were a pair of college age japanese girls, reading everything and giggling a lot – I couldn’t read anything, so perhaps that’s why I covered the three floors in the time it took them to cover only one.

In any event, I decided to move on and take a stroll up to the castle, Uwajima-jō.  This one was an 80m climb and dates to 1666 – the area provided views of the town, but not a lot else was going on and I decided not to tour the castle itself.

With not a lot going on in town and it being late afternoon, I figured dinner in Matsuyama would be a better choice, so I hopped on the train and headed back to the hotel.  Nearby I located a yakitori/izakaya style restaurant and enjoyed a relatively inexpensive dinner.  I met a couple who were in town from Tokyo, but were originally of Matsuyama and spoke a bit of english so helped me pick out a few things of the menu I was having trouble deciphering.  I think they were there to visit friends/relatives and escape the ongoings in Tokyo.

Time to get back to the hotel and pack for tomorrows trip to Takamatsu.