Having just completed a course on photography at George Brown College, and I need some practice blogging about photos before heading out on another photo hunting vacation, I thought I’d post what I think are my most interesting shots.  Learning Lightroom and Photoshop CS5 has been an interesting journey, one that I anticipate continuing far into the future – but I hope I’ve mastered enough to make these shots at least somewhat polished, thought certainly not perfect.

Univeristy and college

This was an experiment with Photoshop HDRPro, specifically a combination of three photos at different exposure.  Worked out pretty well, and although the HDR effect is minimal (on purpose), it does add a bit to the photo.  An architectural shot, at College & University.

Local pub

Where I usually end my evenings – a local pub.  Hand held, which was fun, and with a filter applied in Lightroom to add some character.


As this is my first photography blog, it would seem only fitting that I post a picture of the skyline in Toronto, facing south near the CN Tower.  The time delayed exposure, wide variety of colours and light, and the clarity and perspective I got while using a fish eye lens (on a cropped frame camera) make this one pop for me.

Streetcar blurred

It also wouldn’t be Toronto if you didn’t see at least one street car.  And this one worked out quite well, given the time exposure yet sharpness of the other elements.  Street cars make for great photographs, especially at night it would seem.

Streetcar artsy

Yes, this is another streetcar.  Or a ghost of one, in any event.  What made this shot was a complete accident, actually – I managed to bump my tripod mid shot, and ended up creating an artsy version of the streetcar ghosting across the frame at night.  I’m not sure I could repeat this, but I’m sure going to give it a shot.   Certainly a contrast to the smooth motion blur of the previous image, yet both are distinctive in their own way.

Well, that ends my first photography post.  I’m sure this will get reorganized as I post more content and learn how to integrate photos into the content better.  Cheers!